I have had these for about a month now and I cherish them! A ton of these surveys have grumbled about the solace, however I've observed the cushions to be decent and agreeable. They fit well, not too tight but rather not freely either and I haven't seen anything bothering even after long stretches of utilization. The development appears to be entirely strong (no wobbly plastic parts like on a considerable measure of different earphones). They alter entirely well to various sizes and states of heads, particularly the little swivel appropriate underneath the headband on each side which enables the earphones to turn only a tad bit every way. This does a ton for the solace! Sound quality is great. It replicates highs and points of interest exceptionally well for earphones in this value run. Lows are quite great also. My sibling has a couple of Studio Beats by Dre and these verge on coordinating the sound nature of those despite the fact that he paid 4 fold the amount of for his. By and large, the cost is the thing that truly influenced me to these. You get an extraordinary match of earphones with really great sound at an awesome cost! Makes me upbeat.

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These are completely THE best earphones I have ever utilized. They aren't the best studio screens on the planet, yet they unquestionably are the most tough. Their sound propagation is still shockingly great, if somewhat solid on the highs, however for the cost and the way that they simply don't break, they pay for themselves numerous, multiple occassions over.

I had experienced numerous Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, and AKG screens already. Something constantly broke or exhausted or outright turned sour in alarmingly brief time ranges. I have had innumerable links get weak and break, drivers begin to misshape once again time, yet after broad utilization of the MDR-7506 for more than 3 years now, the main thing that had exhausted are the stickers on the ear containers. The link has survived the metal casters of my seat moving over it endless circumstances with no outwardly obvious harm, I have dropped the earphones correspondingly innumerable circumstances without as much as a scratch. These poor earphones have been through damnation, but then they continue battling solid.

My exclusive grumbling I have with them are with the stock ear cushions, particularly. At to start with, I had supplanted them with Beyerdynamic velour ear cushions. While agreeable at initial, barely a year later, and they had turned out to be totally canvassed in this terribly nauseating layer of oil and soil that was actually built up on. I set the earphones down on a bit of paper around my work area overnight, and in the morning, the paper had a mammoth oil recolor on it. Obviously, I was embarrassed. I in the long run supplanted those with the Brainwavz Sheepskin ear cushions. While dumb costly, they dodge the sucking forces of material and the chipping characteristics of bonded leather. Very suggested, on the off chance that you don't sweat effectively, that is.



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